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Princess Square in Koramangala - Serviced Apartments in Bangalore


With over 40 years of experience in the Service Industry all of us at princess square Service Apartments personally know caring for the guest and It is our goal to make sure you, your family and friends the guest enjoy a carefree vacation or Superior business class experience.

We have a small quality driven collection of hotels & hotel apartments within one of the world's most modern and fastest growing city of Bangalore.

Welcome to the Garden city - Welcome to Princess square Service Apartments Hospitality, where our promise of pure value, pure quality and pure service is delivered.

An essential attribute of all our properties are our convenience and central locations within the city of Bangalore.

At princess square Service Apartments we provide a wonderful choice. Whether you are a discerning budget traveler or just looking for that element of luxury of a 5 star business hotel, we have the accommodation solution to suite you.

Our deluxe hotel apartments offer a choice of both full hotel service operations as well as self catering facilities. We have an extensive choice of accommodations to choose from and our portfolio includes standard hotel rooms, deluxe hotel suites, studios, One, Two & Three Bedroom suite apartments, Royal Suites, Executive & Privilege Floors.

We are ideal for leisure, corporate travelers, stopovers & long stays.

All our hospitality establishments provide only the highest levels of comfortable quality accommodations and we are the perfect choice for your next city break, business meeting or special family occasion.

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Employee Quits

In any Company, an employee quits the company for so many reasons, and if the Management of the company is not having a proper employee retention plan and an effective policy which may be rewarding to the employee who is performing and if growth in the company is certain for the right employee then a company may not lose its employees.

The Management has to ascertain the truth behind if so ever any employee leaves the company for whatsoever reason and a good employee who quits on his own will severe the company in the following ways.

1.Loss in Production.

2.Cost and time involved in recruiting a new employee.

3.Time consumption in training of the new employee.

4.Client relationship the employee had gained while in the company is a matter of concern.

5.Frustration and stress involved within the time frame for the new employee to join the team.

So in brief retaining the existing talents in the company is the best possible solution any company may adapt, and it does not always means hiking the market trend and paying more than existing pay packages in a similar company relevant to your line of operation and always the best method is to fine tune the pay package linking with production and turnover and performance, and if it may involve Activities in the sales department a pay package or incentive based pay check directly linked with the gross turnover can be the possible option in retaining a talented employee.

An employee may leave the company for the following reasons.

1.Politics in the company.

2.Frustration and constant friction with the team members.

3.No growth in the company is predicted or foreseen.

4.Negative environment in the workplace.

5.Low salary when compared in the market.

6.Bureaucratic or diplomacy in the hierarchy system.

7.Lack of challenging work or monotonous working style.

8.Lack of proper supervision.

9.lack of required resources or materials essential for quicker and better performance.

10.Personal reasons.

If in an organization, a couple of talented employees or few of them have concluded and decided to quit the job and the Management quick reaction can be to investigate the reasons behind the same in all possible manners.

If a competitor is trying to intrigue your work force then a firm decision has to be taken wisely, and a board meeting or arbitration of serious concern within the management had to be taken.

When an employee is serious in quitting his job and trying to Allure more from your company to your competitor firm and a stern action of discipline needs to be taken by the management and if an employee is serious in quitting the job and if you had employed all possible maneuver to retain him and the employee is firm in his decision and then the best possible way is quickly and firmly palliate the candidate and start looking out for an alternate candidate with all possible sources and alternatives.

Murali Reddy is the CEO Bangalore Secretary Services and offers Staffing Solutions Bangalore Secretary Services is a staffing firm assisting individuals and corporations in making the right employment fit.

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SEO services in Bangalore


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The distinction Between a Headhunter and a Recruiter?

In the process of seeking a Placement concern and you are in the process to employ a recruiter or a headhunter to assist you with your search and the terms headhunter and recruiter are often used synonymous and reciprocal, but in general, the terms represent differences in who these individuals work for and how an individual put their efforts and skills in bringing an explication to the current needs.

Headhunter Vs Recruiter

Usually, all recruiters earn their service Charges by working for one or more clients and assist them in filling any vacancy that is currently open. In this process, any recruiters may have to screen and interview candidates.

Sometimes recruiters work for placement consultancy firms on a contractual basis or as freelancers and assist their clients in finding suitable employees and while you are working with a recruiter, you will be charged a fees to have them help you find a suitable candidate and a Recruiter is generally paid by the placement consultancy firms that you are having a working agreement with a client and a vendor.

On the other hand, headhunters often work only on a predicament or predicament basis, meaning a head hunter only gets paid if they are able to find a copacetic or unexceptional fine employee for a company or organization. Since headhunters work on an agreed commission, they often have a greater incentive to find jobs for their clients than recruiters do. Headhunters can be paid either by the placement consultancy firms  looking for employees or the job seeker looking for work.

Recruitment Employment professionals can work for placement consultancy firms and Retained firms look for people who fill senior roles in companies like Country Heads, General Manager  or critical high-end openings and for the same a head hunter do a great deal of research to make sure the individuals they are recommending have the necessary qualifications to fill these high-level positions. Retained placement consultancy firms  usually get paid in installments by the hiring company as they move through the recruitment process.

Placement consultancy agency competes with each other to place suitable candidates with companies that are looking to fill specified positions and Placement consultancy only get paid when they successfully place someone, so these recruiters can only expect to get paid only successful completion of any given task by the  Placement consultancy agency.

Placement consultancy agency is most often used to fill more junior roles in companies who are looking either for contract workers or permanent employees. In general, Placement consultancy agency fill lots more jobs than retained firms because employers need these workers immediately and don't have as much time to spend on the regular hiring process.


An outstanding and incomparable best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants to be done, and self-restraint enough to keep from obstructing the routine tasks while they are entrusted with the task and both headhunters and recruiters are good aristocrats to know when you are seeking a change in your career and  headhunters and recruiters keep working with several companies that could be looking for someone with your skill set at any given point in time and only if a recruiter /headhunter has your resume in storage you have a better chance of getting job offers for positions that could advance your career. on any given point of time a headhunter is always looking to match the right people with the right jobs, so building opposite consanguinity with these aristocrat employment professionals could be beneficial to your future as well.

And don't ever forget 'Hire Nice or Hire Twice'

To know how we can become your long-term Hiring Partner, please feel free to Call us at +917795547089   or Mail us at   for a detailed discussion.

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SEO services in Bangalore

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Growth In Your Career

A change in career at times can be a risky calculation and at times even a mistake. If you have chosen the right path, it may be a boost in your career

Growth in your career is about taking risks and attaining dreams. Usually, it does not work out exactly as you might envision. Growth in a company is that company's progress and success. Professionals and experts who have had success in any field in the corporate world have experienced steady growth in their career paths. They have always led other people through the steady periods of growth. However, while growth is an indisputable factor, effort, and good leadership are in the organization are not guaranteed recipes for success. Not all successful entrepreneurs view the process or the philosophy behind the growth in the same way.

For example, let us say you were in charge of a team. The company's management ignored the small changes that you made over time in the day-to-day operations, for the company's benefit. Your level of command was limited, and you started to get a feeling that you have been underestimated or discriminated against by the company.

The usual practice in the corporate world when management feels a particular person needs to be fired or dismissed is to keep him or her away from revenue-flowing departments. They will not discuss major decisions with that particular candidate, and they will divert all reporting authority to other persons. Slowly the person begins to understand he or she is being marked by the management. At that time it is wise to resign on his or her own.

It can be a company policy to downsize it strength It can be a miscalculation if you are yet to make a decision and major companies are now more calculate and are pound and penny wise in their business, and moreover growth in the business of a company has been never by mere chance; it is the result of like-minded people working together to achieve their own ambition and of the company. More often matters of concern like major policy decisions or changes that may help the company grow or cost-effective practices that you had forwarded to the company are ignored, and even your best ideas have no value If the company fails to implement and diagnose the pros and cons and if that is not happening and success of any company does not come with great ideas. It is resulting from the ability of any entrepreneur in fine turning that idea into a business reality and if that is not happening it could be the right time for you to make a move wisely.

Lastly internal politics in the company or if you have an intuition that your growth in the organization been limited by any Individual or any circumstance, it is a moral duty to endeavor the situation but if is a reality and truth of your own conscious and then defend yourself and try for a better place where you can get value for yourself and always remember every Individual in the corporate world wants to be a success and wants to live on top of the mountain, but all that happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it

Bangalore Secretary Service  is a highly personalized service for entrepreneurs and executives. We will, on your behalf follow instructions, advice where necessary, stay on the task and get your work done.

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Frustrations and Anger in Job Searching

Frustration in a jobless person is stage of a grief, stress and numbness and can be the best remedy for a very positive and essential part of prolonged success in his career path.

When a person loses his job or had been fired, they need to be consoled on the loss of the job, and the family members and closed ones need to endure the frustration level is on control it is a similar case of treating an alcoholic or an unstable person and the mental trauma of a person undergoing on that point of time he needs care and comfort and someone who has been out of work for a year or more will be in the initial phase of grief ,stress and numbness and will almost lead them to alcoholism or a severe depression level, almost as if they have post-traumatic stress syndrome and the family members with them needs have enough patience and understanding.

We at Bangalore Secretary Services consider all possible options in sourcing the candidate with a similar job in his industry and do suggest different jobs in the relevant industry or look for different jobs in a different industry, or we might even suggest an alternative if that may be a possibility.

We at Bangalore Secretary Services many a times had to convince the candidates to take a jobless paid than his previous employer and it needs all our best effort to make the candidate understand the situation and When the candidate was drawing a take home package of a few thousands per month. It takes time and lots of persuasion for them to accept that they may need to start over and we at Bangalore secretary services persuade them that to understand the fact that the market had been speculative in the last few years and the candidate needs to understand the same also.

The job market wholly depends upon the Indian economy and the world is shrinking and the dollar and euro prizes can also play a vital role in the demand and supply Job Seekers may need to change their technique in identifying the right Placements companies in Bangalore and we may advise the candidate to add a few more certificate courses that may build value their resumes. We at Bangalore Secretary Services try to make the candidate understand at time narrow lanes can also lead them to their goal.

One such example is a candidate approached us and he had inherited a hotel and running the same, parallel he wanted a corporate job and came to us at Bangalore Secretary Services when he couldn't find one. He was straight away looking for a job like a general Manager in a 5 star hotel. When we told him it might require more than one step, we offered him a position of a manager at a 2 star hotel to gain Industrial experience. And now he is a General manager in a 4 star hotel, supervising 200 people. and he was happy with that.

At Bangalore Secretary Services we have a list of long-term unemployed clients who are frustrated to the core. Their current situation is not their fault, and we at Bangalore Secretary Services been trained to expect frustration in a such a situation. If they project their anxiety with us, we understand the long-term unemployment is a state where we are willing to listen.

Bangalore Secretary Services approach with fresher is to help them view their limited experience in a different light, and to build on that ,Ms. Nirmala is a 23-year-old who had an engineering degree. After graduating, instead of job hunting, She took care of her bedridden Father for a year and a half. The young lady had no idea how she was going to enter the job market with this experience.

We at Bangalore Secretary Services rewrote her resume to emphasize the financial skills she drew upon in caring for her father's financial affairs, including managing his investments and his checkbook. The young lady is now working in an Accounting department in a leading company in Bangalore.

Finally Frustrations and anger in job searching is often caused not by no work, but by worry and resentment. and only a caring family member needs the handle situation with care and sooner the candidate will understand and believe the fact that all his past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new hope in his new job.

Bangalore Placement Services is a mufti disciplined agency in Virtual Office, Virtual Secretary Services Head Hunting, Business support services, Search Engine optimization and placement Services

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